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Bouvier Des Flanders

A Bold yet serene dog, the Bouvier Des Flanders (BOOV-yay day FLAHN-druh) originated in Flanders, a former province of Belgium. The Bouvier is a powerfully built, compact, rough coated breed measuring about 27" in height at the shoulders. It is characterized by a large and heavily coated head, a beard and mustache. The thick beard and shaggy eyebrows give the dog a very distinctive appearance. The slightly tapered muzzle is strong and broad. The Bouvier's oval, dark eyes have a bold, affectionate and lively expression. 

The fearlessness of this magnificent breed makes the Bouvier an excellent watch dog as well as a loving and devoted family friend and guardian.

Male Bouvier


If you've been searching for Bouvier breeders that offer the highest quality puppies at best prices, then your search ends here.

Here at Xcalibur Bouviers, we are Bouvier breeders devoted to the preservation and betterment of  this truly impressive breed. And as Bouvier breeders, we take pride in breeding only high quality puppies from champion bloodlines. Our Bouviers are all home bread and raised for temperament and companionship. Our goal is to breed a high quality Bouvier line. In addition, all of our puppies will have full paper work included.

Owning a Bouvier Des Flanders is a great experience. If you're looking for a dog who will give undying devotion and love, the Bouvier will give you that and more.

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Blues Are Best
Breeders of High Quality Russian Blues

Russian Blue Cats
The First Russian Blue cats were imported into England in 1890, although it is believed that the Russian Blue originated on Archangelsk Isle in northern Russia. The breed was imported into the U.S. in 1947 and two years later, the CFA accepted the Russian Blue for registration. In 1971 the first Russian Blue was crowned Grand National winner by the CFA.

The Russian Blue is known for it's short, silk-like, silver-blue coat, brilliant green eyes and elegant slender body. They are a graceful playful breed. Sweet and gentle by nature, they are generally reserved around strangers while being fiercely loyal and loving to their families.
The Russian Blue is also a hypoallergenic breed meaning that even people with cat allergies can own a Russian Blue without any ill effects.

Male Russian Blue Kittens

Blues Are Best, we are proud breeders of this mysterious and wonderful cat. Just as with our Bouviers, we breed only high quality Russian Blues from champion bloodlines. As dedicated Russian Blue breeders, all our Russian Blues are home bread and raised for their loving nature and loyal devotion to their owners. All of our kittens come with full paper work. We also offer breeding rights if desired.

Owning one of these beautiful cats is sure to enrich your life just as it has ours. The Russian Blue is unlike any other cat and will be a devoted companion to you for life.


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